Day: November 27, 2020

Prayer request from Anonymous

Prayer for all of us under spiritual warfare attack. And for our country and our future. Pray for all of us to manage money wisely. Pray for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. That GOD would be able to help them make right choices for USA. Pray for increase in faith for all Believers. And for protection for all of us from satanic plans.

Prayer request from Thomas

Ahmadreza Djalali a swedish-iranian is sentenced unjustly for spying in Iran since 1917 to solitary confinement and implements his death sentence in Iran no later than a week from Nov. 24. 2020. Emergency prayers for (1) Ahmadreza Djalali

Prayer request from Paula

I have breast cancer . please pray that the new medicine I will be starting today really suits me and cures my cancer and heals me and has a great effect on me and the medicine only effects the cancer by getting rid of the cancer.

Prayer request from Anonymous

Please pray for the war to end in Ethiopia. Please pray for Tigray and the TPLF leadership to win against evil. Please contact people you know to end this genocide. Pray for the Eritrean and Ethiopian conscripts. This war is so evil and Abiy Ahmed and his followers are so evil. Please pray!!!

Prayer request from Anonymous

• Self-employed: finish older projects & find new ones. I teach an online course: need 16 sign-ups
• In group waiting for investment to mature
• A colleague & I working on research study for 1123 days with no payments
• Helping Ghana woman come to Canada: officials creating problems
• Wife: migraine & arthritic pains

Prayer request from Pray for protection

Lord, I pray no weapon formed against me will prosper. Cover me with the blood of Jesus and protect me from Logen’s manipulations, temper and vengeance especially when I may have to undergo spinal surgery soon. Grant me wisdom when dealing with Logen. In Jesus’ name. Thank you.

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