Day: November 30, 2020

Prayer request from Anonymous

I’m asking for healing in my family and among my children. I’m asking for a miracle and in Jesus mighty name, amen. God knows what that looks like and I’m believing Him for a miracle. Lord Jesus heal our land. Thank you for your prayers

Prayer request from Carol

URGENT: Please pray for Rocky and Cody. They will be moving from a 3 flight stairs apartment, to a 1 story apartment, all this week. Jesus miracle, for them to do all of this. No hurt spines, back, shoulders, or anything else. Please help them sweet Holy Spirit. Nothing broken or damaged, in anyway. Thank you so much for praying for them.

Prayer request from Anonymous

Please please pray for my mum Tineke and her home. Take away all negative influences God in the name of Jesus Christ. Take away all witchcraft, all the influences of psychics or sins and negative energy. She feels she is being bullied,

Love, karin

Prayer request from Anonymous

So thankful Lord for Your Love and a real relationship with You Lord! Today I cast all my burdens on You and trust Your answers. Please Lord grant favor in tasks please grant words are guided by you. Lord please strengthen in in order that all undertakings are completed, able to excel gain forward motion in all duties and commitments complete IJNA

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