World Prayer Team

Offering 24-7 prayer support and equipping people to pray since 2001.

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Fill out the from below and World Prayer Team members from around the world will cover your request in prayer.

  • Prayer request from Anthony

    Please pray for God to deliver my property from all evil and to bless it with all He desires spiritually and physically. God bless!!!

  • Prayer request from Anthony

    Please pray for God to cancel the enemy’s plans for me and my life. For God’s will for me and my life to be done. God bless!!!

  • Prayer request from Tyler

    Please pray for my friend and coworker Denny to be healed of his cancer and lung infection. Please pray that he can finish his treatments and get to feeling better. I need his encouragement to handle things at work the Godly way.

  • Prayer request from Anthony

    Please pray for God to deliver strategic areas of Pompano Beach, Florida from evil. For Him to bless these areas with all spiritual/physical blessings He desires. God bless!!!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Dear Lord, with this being lgbtq pride month , raise up an Army of people who have been delivered from that lifestyle to reach those still trapped in it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  • Prayer request from Donna

    Please pray for their marriage. Tiffany & Courtney S

  • Prayer request from Donna Washington

    Tiffany S, Courtney S and the children

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Peace. Peace in me and around me. I just want peace!! I want a peaceful month of June. I want a safe month of June. I want to be able to sleep well at night. I want my children to be at peace. Peace.

  • Prayer request from Karry

    Please pray goodness and mercy would followed me all the days of my line that for this reason
    The son of man was manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil in my life and God would arise and his enemies be scattered that the lord wiuold strengthen me with all might by the lords spirit in my innerman that no weapon formed against me would

  • Prayer request from Anthony

    Please pray for God to fill me with power and all spiritual/physical things He desires. For spiritual armor to surround me. Thanks!!!

  • Prayer request from Diane

    Please pray fervently that nothing is wrong with Diane and Beth’s eyes and they get good normal reports at their eye appts Saturday motnong that nothing is wrong! Thank you!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Lord you are the nighty God and Savior Jesus Christ Lord thank you for all you do and doing Lord help me to always draw close to you and be filled with your Spirit Lord help John and Aneiia to love and forgive and remarry lord help Jacks get awesome grades in school and also for all my grand kids Lord heal Peaches John Murray Kate and me from all s