World Prayer Team

Offering 24-7 prayer support and equipping people to pray since 2001.

Need Prayer?

Fill out the from below and World Prayer Team members from around the world will cover your request in prayer.

  • Prayer request from Sandy SS

    Dear Lord Please Walk Through My House & Take Away All Worries, Financial Difficulties & Illnesses-Please surround us with goodness-. I ask This in name of Jesus-Amen Thank you May God bless you all

  • Prayer request from dave

    please help pray for john p. a series of aneurysms were fund and now has a thoratic aneurism. hes in the hospital and needs our prayers. thank you!

  • Prayer request from dave

    please pray for donnell. she has a sever norovirus. immediate please! very miserable

  • Prayer request from Anthony

    Please pray for God to deliver the American East/Central Areas from unfresh/fermented spiritual mineral and metal and to bless Them spiritually with His Heavenly replacements. God bless!!!

  • Prayer request from Bill

    Humbly request healing prayer for my daughter Kristen. She has been in pain and has sought medical treatment. Humbly request healing prayer for my wife to receive God’s peace. Humbly request healing prayer for my eyes. Overspray got in them. God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.

  • Prayer request from Deepest healing

    Every information stored in the cauldron against greater Mundri Community and destinies, catch fire, in the name of Jesus

  • Prayer request from help me and my children

    Holy spirit Top me and my children into
    Fulness Of Joy
    Psalm 16:11,1 Peter 1:8-9,John 17:13,Acts 16:29-34,Romans 15:13,
    John 15:11,

  • Prayer request from John

    Lord Jesus Christ release deepest Delivernce upon any seed’s, roots holding me and my children,my lifestyle to move ahead
    Release deepest healing power upon our weakness
    Set us free Lord Jesus Christ

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    I have recieved the block or the freeze is gone!!! Iam still doing very well with not smoking a bit. God is going to full fill His purpose in my life and understanding, Thank you all so very much I fell saturated in prayer, I am with you all right now in the earth we cover as a team thank you Duet. 30:19-20!!!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Aaron to be set free from addictions and to come back to God. Lord, change his heart and mind and give him a refreshing touch and new desires Lord. Help Him to come back to you

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Brayden to come back to the one true God… Jesus.
    Go back to the Word he was brought up in. Lord God I ask you to please keep your arm around him and guide him in the right direction. Amen

  • Prayer request from HELP us

    Let me and my children my partner growing deepest in supernatural identity of kingdom
    Isa 43:1, Ps 100:3, 1 Sam 12:22, 1 Peter 2:9, Ps 95:6-7, Ephesians 1:13, 2:10, Golo 3:12