World Prayer Team

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  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Lord you are the nighty God and Savior Jesus Christ Lord thank you for all you do and doing Lord help me to always draw close to you and be filled with your Spirit Lord help John and Aneiia to love and forgive and remarry lord help Jacks get awesome grades in school and also for all my grand kids Lord heal Peaches John Murray Kate and me from all s

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Please pray for healing of my throat, GI system., my brain, and female reproduction parts.

  • Prayer request from Lado

    Any charm, evil coven or satanic place, that carried anything belonging to me, I declare that their evil power fails instantly!

    Anyone trusting God for a job, may my God, our Ebenezer, surprise me, in the name of Jesus!

  • Prayer request from Lado

    Everyone who is in a place where they can speak for me and are not speaking for me I place me in their minds, may God cause these people to speak for me, in the name of Jesus Christ!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Liezel’s infection count is going up .. she’s in hospital. Plz pray for divine healing!! Thank you!!

  • Prayer request from Use me

    Growing stronger in Word’s of Wisdom understanding knowledge of God, body spirit and soul
    Growing stronger in gifts and fruits of holy spirit of God
    Be like Jesus Christ

  • Prayer request from Urgent

    Lord increase capabilities of grace protection, favour, lights, Justice upon my soul and my body

  • Prayer request from Anthony

    Please pray for God to fill my house with spiritual power, living water, His Blood, anointing oils, Angels and all He desires. God bless!!!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Elloise gave her heart to the Lord after long alcohol addiction! She needs prayer for permanent deliverance from drinking! Plz pray!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Shaun needs a breakthrough with a job. Plz pray!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Garreth who had polio as a child was rejected in society snd kept away from church. He is turning 60 on Sunday and going to church. Pray for his salvation and healing in his soul plz!

  • Prayer request from Terri

    I would like Prayers for my son, D who had a Stroke today. Please pray the Lordd will. That my son be healed of this Stroke. The Doctors say he will not be able to talk and use his body functions but I know that we have a God who rules and Super rules and He can heal my sons body. Thank God and Thank you