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  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Dear Lord Please Help-Amen Thank You

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Lord protect my family from witchcraft

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Every sneak attack against my life has been cancelled in Jesus Christ name!!! I will live and not die. I will make it to 2024 and beyond in Jesus Christ name!!!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    The blood of Jesus Christ cancel every evil word spoken against us. The blood of Jesus Christ protects us from murderers and kidnappers and robbers. The blood of Jesus hides us from our enemies!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Lord protect us from every evil word spoken against us. Shield us from curses spoken against us.

  • Prayer request from Virginia

    Continued prayer for Russ who is recovering from a serious infection in his gallbladder. He is improving steadily. A long trip was planned months ago. They will be leaving Saturday if Russ is out of the hospital and able to travel. Please pray for traveling mercies for them. Thank you so much!

  • Prayer request from Anonymous

    Lord please protect my children from all hurt, harm, or danger. Please expose evil plans against them. Let evil plans against them backfire. Protect them from witchcraft, the occult and all strange people.

  • Prayer request from INEEDPRAY

    Holly blood of Christ protect my husband child my parents and me from all evil attacking evil eyes every ilness and virusis envy jelousy swearing curs witchcraft socery black or white magic vodoo ezotercizm mind manipulation wickednes new age. Lord protect us from all evil wishies and their evil plan.

  • Prayer request from Steven

    Lord I pray the full armor of God over myself and my parents. I also pray the blood of Jesus Christ over myself and my parents for protection, guidance, patience, love, I pray that the holy Spirit be upon our home in Jesus Christ Mighty Name I ask your will be done. Amen

  • Prayer request from Steven

    Lord as I sit here in my room had some unwanted visits that tried to scare my dad and myself as we are getting ready for bed. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ over my house and family that you protect us. Brake all chains and curses that people keep trying to place upon my loved ones send them back seven fold in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Amen

  • Prayer request from Magnolia

    Please pray GOD protects me. I have to travel alone at night on city bus tomorrow night to hospital to see a new specialist. Pray GOD heals me & my friend Sharon. I need financial help & MIRACLES for moving someplace SAFE soon. SALVATION for my family. Thank you and GOD BLESS

  • Prayer request from Linda

    Pray for peace in my granddaughter family healing of hearts mind and spirit pray against spitefulness anger divorce and influence from some family and friends